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How do you feel about aging?

How do you feel about aging?

Aging is unavoidable. However, how people deal with the changes they see in their appearance as they age and how they view the aging process varies widely.

Categories: Age/Gender Issues, Anti-Aging News, Psychological Issues
October 24, 2011
When it comes time for plastic surgery, keep your mental health in check

When it comes time for plastic surgery, keep your mental health in check

When preparing for certain plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts or breast augmentations, many patients understand that they will have to spend some time recovering physically. However, any type of surgery can be stressful, even if it is an elective cosmetic procedure. Taking some time to prepare mentally for your surgery is always a smart move.

Categories: Patient Safety, Psychological Issues
July 14, 2011
Injecting Botox is a science, but it is also an art.

Botox and the poker face

When you see a child crying, what do you do? You wrinkle your brow, turn down the corners of your mouth and make reassuring sounds.

Categories: Cosmetic Medicine News, Dermal Fillers, Injectables, Psychological Issues
June 9, 2011
Following divorce, some turn to plastic surgery to rebuild their own confidence.

Plastic surgery: vanity or sanity?

Fifty-one year old model Diana Solomon refuses to date anyone younger than 35, rejecting the 25-year-old men that pursue her.

Categories: Plastic Surgery News, Psychological Issues
May 19, 2011
Can Botox help people overcome depression?

Can Botox help people overcome depression?

Botox treatments are commonly used to help combat signs of aging, but it appears as though the cosmetic treatment may offer a rather surprising benefit.

Categories: Cosmetic Medicine News, Injectables, Psychological Issues
March 3, 2011

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