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Bee stings instead of Botox?

Bee stings instead of Botox?

Yet another anti-aging cream with a bizarre secret ingredient has hit the market.

Categories: Anti-Aging News, Skin Procedures News
January 18, 2012
Winter is ideal for laser procedures

Winter is ideal for laser procedures

The popularity of laser skin resurfacing is on the rise, and doctors say that winter is a great time to undergo these procedures.

Categories: Skin Procedures News
January 13, 2012
Can you achieve skin tightening and address thinning skin and volume loss with one treatment?

Painless beauty: lasers, radiofrequency and a nonsurgical face lift

When it comes to beauty, the new technology boasts of “gain without pain.”

Categories: Facial Aesthetic Surgery News, Skin Procedures News
January 4, 2012
A woman complained that she looked like her facial features melted after major weight loss.

After extreme weight loss, a radio announcer struggles to finance facial plastic surgery and body contouring

Have you ever imagined what it’s like being trapped in a body weighing 420 pounds?

Categories: Body Contouring News, Skin Procedures News
December 20, 2011
High tech creams can fix broken strands of DNA and function like Botox.

Botox in a jar and other high tech creamy wonders

If you’re not ready to partake of lasers, fillers, Botox and other appetizers, entrees and desserts on the plastic surgery menu, you can now feel more confident about that expensive jar of face cream.

Categories: Skin Procedures News
December 13, 2011

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