Start registering implants and empowering you patients with Aesthetic One today!

The Aesthetic One app is the only way to register breast implants with manufacturers and share information with patients in under 3 minutes.

This revolutionary HIPAA-compliant platform also features a paired app for patients allowing you to share breast implant ID cards, operative summaries, photos, and more!

Your patients will have peace of mind knowing that they have on-demand access to their breast implant information - whenever and wherever they need it.

The Aesthetic One platform wows me—in under 3 minutes I can register a breast implant with a manufacturer and share that information with my patient. This technology is a game-changer for my practice and the accessibility gives my patients peace of mind.

Herluf Lund, MD
President of The Aesthetic Society

Ongoing communication between breast-implant patients and surgeons is more important than ever. Aesthetic One makes it easy to stay in touch with just a few taps. The all-in-one platform allows you and your staff to share the resources and information your patients need.

You will not only stay connected to patients, but also save time and money with additional built-in features like: touchless intake forms, HIPAA-compliant chat, digital breast-implant registration, and secure photo, and record sharing.

Aesthetic One gives patients permanent and secure access to their implant information.

The built-in document vault is a simple and secure way for patients to keep their most important implant information in the palm of their hand. The document vault will securely store records including a digital implant ID card with serial numbers, manufacturer details, procedure date, and operative summary.

Aesthetic One also makes it easy for your patients to ask questions or for you to share updates, articles, and educational materials with them.

After downloading the app, your patients can:

Read information shared by your office, such as updates on
their breast implants, photos, and documents.
Ask questions about medical issues, billing, scheduling, or
office visits through HIPAA-compliant messaging.
Gain lifetime on-demand access to digital records shared by
you and your staff.

Staff has the ability to help scan and register breast implants for your practice. They can also utilize the HIPAA-compliant chat right from their device.

You have the flexibility to add, remove, or change staff at any time.
Staff can access Aesthetic One from their desktop at surgeon.aestheticone.com where they can:

Securely upload and share photos
Upload PDFs & web links to share with patients
Access HIPAA compliant chat

Say goodbye to stickers and handwritten forms.

Create, share, and store implant records in under 3 minutes right from your device.

The built-in scanning feature is quick and convenient. A simple scan of either the long barcode or QR code autopopulates a registration form, complete with implant details. With just one tap the form can be submitted to the manufacture via e-fax.

Aesthetic One will help ensure your registrations have been completed and submitted by sending you weekly status updates if there are pending registrations.

Say goodbye to stickers and handwritten forms.

With built-in HIPAA-compliant chat, you can communicate with patients anytime, anywhere while keeping your mobile number private. It's now easier than ever to connect with patients before and after their procedures.

Your practice can respond to patient questions, share photos, and manage appointment requests without ever picking up the phone. All chats are securely stored giving you permanent access to all communication for improved patient record keeping.

Messaging at a glance:  
+ Mobile Number Privacy + Seamless Communication
+ Accessible on All Devices + Simple and Secure
+ Permanent Access + Talk to Text