; The Aesthetic Meeting Series: Together, Everywhere

Lou Bucky, MD

Patient Fi Financing Company: Advisor, Investor, Stock/Options

C. Spencer Cochran, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Dino Elyassnia, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Aaron Kosins, MD
Micrins: No Position, Royalties
ZO Skin Health: Advisor, Stock/Options

Jon Kurkjian, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Michael Lee, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Steven Levine, MD
Merck & Co. Inc: Stock/Options
Strathspey Crown: Stock/Options
Pfizer: Stock/Options
Johnson & Johnson: Stock/Options

Jason Pozner, MD
InMode: Luminary, Investor, Investigator, Speaker, Stock/Options, Honoraria, Other Compensation          
Canfield Scientific, Inc.: Speaker, Other Compensation   
Thermi, an Almirall Company: Speaker, Honoraria            
Candesant: Investor, Stock/Options        
BRIJJIT, Co.: Investor, Stock/Options       
Alma Lasers: Luminary, Speaker, Investigator, Other Compensation, Honoraria   
Therapeutics MD: Investor, Stock/Options           
Zimmer MedizinSystems: Speaker, Other Compensation
HintMD: Investor, Stock/Options             
Cynosure, a Hologic Company: Consultant, Honoraria     
RealSelf: Luminary, Stock/Options           
sofwaves: Luminary, Stock/Options, Honoraria  
The Plastic Surgery Channel: Investor, Stock/Options      
Candela: Luminary, Other Compensation             
Cytrellis: Consultant, Investor, Honoraria, Stock/Options
Apyx Medical: Luminary, Other Compensation   
Oculo-Plastik Inc.: Luminary, Other Compensation           
Revance Therapeutics: Investor, Stock/Options 
Innovative Optics: Luminary, Other Compensation           
Sciton: Advisor, Speaker, Luminary, Investigator Stock/Options, Research Support, Honoraria, Other Compensation               
Avava: Investor, Stock/Options 
jeisys: Luminary, Other Compensation   
BTL Industries, Inc: Speaker, Honoraria, Other Compensation     
Joylux: Investor, Stock/Options
Lutronic Inc.: Speaker, Luminary Honoraria

Usha Rajagopal, MD
Allergan: Consultant, Fees

Rod Rohrich, MD
Allergan: Investigator, Honoraria
Merz Aesthetics: No Position, Other Compensation
MTF Biologics: Investigator, Honoraria, Research Support
Galderma Laboratories, L.P.: Investigator, Honoraria, Research Support
InMode Aesthetics: Investigator, Research Support
Eriem Surgical: No Position, Royalties
Thieme Medical Publishers: No Position, Royalties
Medical Seminars of Texas: Owner, Other Compensation

Jason Roostaeian, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Sammy Sinno, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Chris Surek, DO
Cypris Medical: Consultant, Stock/Options          
Galderma Laboratories, L.P.: Consultant, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria, Fees
Allergan: Consultant, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria  
Thieme Medical Publishers: No Position, Royalties           

Dean Toriumi, MD

Nothing to Disclose

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