; The Aesthetic Meeting Series: Together, Everywhere

Program Goal: Discuss advanced techniques in facial rejuvenation, including rhinoplasty, through surgical and non-surgical therapies to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes and minimize complications with an emphasis on patient safety.


  • Review and discuss the latest techniques and safety protocol for surgical neck rejuvenation
  • Outline the pertinent anatomy and technique pearls for SMAS facelift procedures  
  • Address the differences between transcutaneous and transconjunctival lower eyelid surgery as well canthal support procedures  
  • Discuss laser and chemical resurfacing options for facial rejuvenation  
  • Address complication management in facial aesthetic surgical procedures
  • Outline the most up to date approaches to upper eyelid and brow rejuvenation  


  • Review and discuss the latest techniques and safety protocol in rhinoplasty
  • Outline the advantages of structural versus preservation rhinoplasty
  • Address the differences between Open and Closed techniques
  • Review current approaches to tip support
  • Outline the most up-to-date approaches to nasal fillers, managing the skin, and  straightening the crooked nose  
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