; The Aesthetic Meeting Series: Together, Everywhere

Onsite Faculty
Jason Roostaeian, MD [Co-Chair]
Spencer Cochran, MD
Jon Kurkjian, MD
Rod Rohrich, MD

Offsite Faculty
Dino Elyassnia, MD
Aaron Kosins, MD
Dean Toriumi, MD

All times are noted in CST

9:00am Introduction: Jason Roostaeian, MD

Session 1: Optimizing Dorsal Aesthetics: To Preserve or Not to Preserve?
9:06am - Live Lecture: Structural and Precision Approaches to the Nasal Dorsum - Rod Rohrich, MD
9:17am - Operative Video: Obtaining Natural Results with Spreader Grafts - Spencer Cochran, MD
9:27am - Recorded Lecture:  Approaches to Dorsal Preservation - Aaron Kosins, MD
9:37am - Recorded Lecture: How and Why I Switched to Dorsal Preservation - Dean Toriumi, MD
9:52am - Discussion Panel (Cochran, Elyassnia, Kosins, Rohrich, Roostaeian, Toriumi)

  • Spreader Flaps versus Spreader Grafts
  • Approaches to Cartilage Preservation
  • Bony Preservation, Where and When?

Session 2: Approaches to Tip Support and Contouring
10:08am - Live Lecture: Preservation of Pitanguy’s Ligament and Tip Support - Dino Elyassnia, MD
10:18am - Operative Video:  Controlling the Tip: Grafts, Sutures, and Pitanguy Restoration - Aaron Kosins, MD
10:28am - Live Lecture: Why I went from Columellar Struts to Septal Extension Grafts - Rod Rohrich, MD
10:38am - Discussion Panel – (Cochran, Elyassnia, Kosins, Rohrich, Roostaeian)

  • Are Structural Grafts Needed to Control the Tip?
  • Best Ways to Control Projection
  • Can Closed Rhinoplasty Really be as Precise as Open?

Session 3: Variations in Rhinoplasty
10:59am - Live Lecture: Nasal Fillers Done Right - Jon Kurkjian, MD
11:09am - Recorded Lecture: Nasal Skin Management in Rhinoplasty - Aaron Kosins, MD
11:19am - Operative Video: My Approach to the Alar Base - Dean Toriumi, MD
11:29am - Discussion Panel – (Rohrich, Roostaeian, Elyassnia, Kosins, Cochran)

  • Doing Fillers in Revisions, Is it Safe?
  • Best Approaches to Thick Skin
  • Tissue Augmentation in Rhinoplasty

11:49am - Closing Panel: Future Directions in Rhinoplasty – ALL FACULTY
- Structural Precision versus Preservation: Pros and Cons
- Best Practices for Nasal Osteotomies
- Straightening the Crooked Nose, Is it About the Septum or the Dorsum?
12:12pm End this Session


  • Review and discuss the latest techniques and safety protocol in rhinoplasty
  • Outline the advantages of structural versus preservation rhinoplasty
  • Address the differences between Open and Closed techniques
  • Review current approaches to tip support
  • Outline the most up-to-date approaches to nasal fillers, managing the skin, and  straightening the crooked nose  
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