Educational Course — Monday, May 1, 2017

4:30pm – 6:30pm — 2-Hour Courses - 2 CME credits per course

709 Maximizing Aesthetics in Abdominoplasty
2 CME credits
Discounted pre-registration fee: $140 On-site fee $190
Todd Pollock, MD
Level: Advanced                              Organization: Didactic
Desired outcomes:

  • Identify the characteristics of an attractive female abdomen
  • Review techniques in achieving these characteristics in abdominoplasty
  • Detailed focus on aesthetics of the umbilicus and how to create this in abdominoplasty
  • Indepth review of a drain-free abdominoplasty technique with the use of progressive tension sutures
  • Accomplished in a small group, didactic setting where interaction is encouraged

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