4th Annual Women Aesthetic Surgeons’ Symposium

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Speaker: Dike Drummond, MD

1:00-1:15pm -
Welcome and Introductions - Melinda Haws, MD and Heather Furnas, MD
                                                                          Chairs- Women Aesthetic Surgeons Committee

1:15-2:45pm - Burnout Proof Workshop  

  • The difference between stress and burnout
  • Burnout symptoms, effects, pathophysiology and gender differences
  • The five core causes of burnout
  • Gender bias in the healthcare workplace
  • Six immediately actionable, field-tested prevention tools
  • The Burnout Prevention Matrix and access to 117 burnout prevention methods

2:45-3:00pm- Break

3:00-4:00pm - One Minute Mindfulness Workshop

  • The definition of mindfulness
  • Why mindfulness is the key to burnout prevention, patient satisfaction and quality care
  • The “Squeegee Breath” single breath mindfulness technique
  • Trigger theory to turn mindfulness into a consistent habit
  • How to use mindfulness to avoid multitasking and stop working so hard

4:00pm-5:00pm - Physicians Guide to Navigating a Bureaucracy

  • Tools for navigating more effectively within any organization
  • How to get what you need for your practice when you are not the boss
  • When to ask for permission and when to ask for forgiveness instead
  • Why channeling "Columbo" will make all the difference in your success

Program subject to change

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