Educational Courses by Day — Sunday, April 29, 2018

2:00pm – 4:00pm ♦ 2-Hour Courses – 2 CME credits per course

409 Liposuction 2018: New Technologies, Established Techniques, and Combined Procedures
2 CME credits
Discounted pre-registration fee: $140 On-site fee $190
David Stoker, MD, Christopher Chia, MD, Spero Theodorou, MD, Alfredo Hoyos, MD & Paolo Rovatti, MD
Level: Comprehensive                    Organization: Didactic
Desired outcomes:
This course will cover the broad range of liposuction from fundamentals to advanced techniques. 

  • Discuss planning and performing liposuction safely and efficiently
  • Identify alternative routines to optimally treat a broad variety of patients
  • Evaluate the utilization of local anesthesia for rapid recovery and increased patient satisfaction
  • Evaluate clinical characteristics associated with increased risk including mitigation and avoidance of risk, as well as treating complications
  • Compare established and newer techniques:  traditional liposuction, power assisted (PAL), ultrasound assisted (Vaser), laser assisted (SmartLipo), radiofrequency assisted (Body-Tite), and water assisted liposuction (Hydrasolve)
  • Recognize efficient use of liposuction with adjunctive procedures for skin and fascial tightening
  • Describe advanced techniques to treat difficult body areas: 
    • Use of Vaser for high definition liposculpture to improve results on the abdomen and circumferential torso
    • Successful, safe sculpting of calves and ankles
    • Liposuction of arms with heat producing devices to increase shrinkage and avoid brachioplasty
    • Sophisticated treatment of gynecomastia
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