Educational Courses by Day — Monday, April 30, 2018

2:00pm – 4:00pm ♦ 2-Hour Courses - 2 CME credits per course

614 Non-Core Aesthetic Providers Are Nipping at Your Heels: How You Can Win
2 CME credits
Discounted pre-registration fee: $140 On-site fee $190
Dana Fox**, Diane Duncan, MD, Neal Reisman, MD, Rich Low**, and Marie Olesen**
Level: Advance                                Organization: Didactic
Desired outcomes:

  • Discuss how you must adapt to changing market trends today to ensure the long-term success of your practice
  • Identify how to effectively communicate your unique benefits, and qualifications as juxtaposed to your non-core competitors
  • Define how smart marketing can help you tell your story and generate positive action
  • Recognize how your patients buy aesthetics, it may be different than you imagine
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