Educational Courses by Day — Monday, April 30, 2018

4:30pm – 6:30pm ♦ 2-Hour Courses - 2 CME credits per course

710 Challenges and Safety in Combined and High-Risk Aesthetic Procedures: What are the Limits?

2 CME credits
Discounted pre-registration fee: $140 On-site fee: $190
Amin Kalaaji, MD, Al Aly, MD, Kent Higdon, MD and Lina Triana, MD
Level: Intermediate                          Organization: Didactic
Desired outcomes:

  • Define combined procedures in aesthetic surgery and define high-risk procedures in aesthetic surgery
  • Gather experiences from plastic surgeons in the field from varied backgrounds such as combined facial surgery, post bariatric surgery, mommy makeover, and gluteal augmentation with fat
  • Recognize new and specific responsibilities to gain knowledge, select appropriate procedures, and perform surgery most effectively
  • Discuss practical considerations including techniques that should be taken to choose which combination is best for each patient
  • Identify practical considerations that should be taken intraoperatively in order to decide which part of the procedures should be started with and finish with
  • Evaluate the economic gains for the plastic surgeons and for the clinic in combined procedures
  • Determine facility requirements for solo practitioners, in a group and in a hospital setting, to avoid complications and prepare for medicolegal matters
  • Determine the best technique for gluteal augmentation with fat to avoid mortal complications
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