Educational Courses by Day— Thursday, April 26, 2018

7:30am – 4:00pm

S1 Composite Facelifts Simplified through Modern Understanding of Deep Plane (spaces and ligaments) Anatomy - A Cadaver Workshop
8 CME credits
Pre-registration fee: $2500
No Onsite Registration.
Space is limited to 52 people.
Chair: Bryan Mendelson, MD
Level: Comprehensive                    Organization: Workshop
Desired outcomes:
This is a condensed version of the renowned two-day Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course, specifically oriented for surgeons wanting to learn how to safely incorporate the latest advances in understanding facial anatomy into their facelift surgery. The course is tightly structured as a guided, hands on dissection program, having only two participants for each cadaver head, with a highly experienced dissection tutor for each four participants. The attendees readily learn how to define and then dissect within the safety of the sub-SMAS facial spaces. Then to define the intervals between the spaces. Surgeons rapidly gain confidence from appreciating the predictable location of the facial nerve branches in relation to the ligaments in the intervals between spaces, enabling them to utilize the benefit of this powerful technique. This course is surgery focused, utilizing the appropriate surgical technique for each specific area of anatomy and using only quality plastic surgery instruments.

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