Chairman: Salvatore Pacella, MD, MBA—Plastic Surgeon; San Diego, CA
Co-Chair: Gary Tuma, MD—Plastic Surgeon; Pennington, NJ

Robert Aicher, Esq.—ASAPS Legal Counsel; Pasadena, CA
Mark Codner, MD—Plastic Surgeon; Atlanta, GA
Helen Daniell—Practice Manager; Atlanta, GA
Karen Horton, MD—Plastic Surgeon; San Francisco, CA
Lawrence Keller—Insurance Agent and Certified Financial Planner; Woodbury, NY
Ryan Miller—Online Marketing Specialist; San Luis Obispo, CA
Alex Thiersch, JD—Attorney and Founder of the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa); Chicago, IL
Karen Zupko—Practice Management and Reimbursement Solutions Advisor; Chicago, IL

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