FAQ - About the APP

Who has access to RADAR Resource?
Aesthetic Society Active Members and Candidates (domestic and international), Residents and Fellows enrolled in the Aesthetic Society’s Resident Program, and Aesthetic Surgery Journal subscribers (including those who receive ASJ as a member-benefit of their international Society).
*Those who do not pay their annual fee for the Candidate/International Candidate Program or are no longer enrolled in the Resident Program will lose access to the RADAR library.

How do I know what content I have already downloaded?
There are 2 ways to find already downloaded content. One way is to simply tap “Downloads” in the center of the bottom toolbar. You will also know when looking through the content within the bookshelves, if there is a green check mark next to the image for that publication, you have already downloaded it.

How long does it take to download a publication or video?
10-30 seconds depending on your wifi speed and the size of the content being downloaded.

Can I delete downloaded content once I no longer want it in my “Downloads”?
Not at this time. However, the ability to delete content will be available in a future update to the app, and we will notify users when this is available.

How much memory will RADAR downloads take up on my iPad?
The entire library will take up well under 300MB, a small fraction of the total memory on your iPad.

How do I know how much and/or what content is within a subcategory of a bookshelf in the RADAR library?
Tap the name of the bookshelf (e.g. Plastic Surgeon Resources), the names of the subcategories within will appear underneath (e.g. ASAPS Rosters) and the amount of content within a subcategory is listed in parenthesis next to the name. When you tap on the name of the subcategory, the content within will appear on the right side of the screen, allowing you to view the details and download the publication.

How do I know if new content has been added to the RADAR library and/or the eCommerce website?
Be sure to enable Notifications on the app if you would like to receive email and push notifications when new content has been added or new discussions are occurring. From the bottom toolbar, tap ‘Settings’ then ‘Notifications’ from the menu options that appear. From here you will be able to create your personal preferences for receiving notifications and clear all notifications. Also, ASAPS sends announcements of updates to the content and features on the app via blast emails, The Aesthetic Society’s eNewsletter, and within Aesthetic Society News.

How often is new, free content added to the RADAR library?
The RADAR Resource Editorial Board strives to provide new, educational content on a fairly regular basis. The Board is always open to suggestions for content from RADAR users. Please send any ideas you may have to our staff liaison, Courtney Muehlebach, at courtney@surgery.org or call 800-364-2147.

When is the most current issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal added to the RADAR library?
By the time your print issue arrives by mail, it should already be available to you in the “Aesthetic Surgery Journal” bookshelf in the RADAR library.

Am I able to search all of the content in the RADAR library at one time?
Yes, when in the RADAR library homepage, tap on the search icon in the top right corner of the upper toolbar. You are then able to search key words, navigate directly to search results and add them to binders.

How do I access the notes I have saved into binders?
Tap “My Binders” in the center of the bottom toolbar then tap on the name of the desired binder to access the notes inside.

Am I able to access my customized binders, notes, and downloads from different iPads?
Yes, all publication download history, binders, and notes are automatically backed up to the cloud. You are able to log in through any iPad, making available all downloaded publications with associated notes and binders.