What Can You Do with RADAR Resource?

Click here to download the comprehensive RADAR Resource Users Guide

Navigate Through Publications


  • Tap the Support icon (question mark in the bottom left corner) from any page for feature instructions or to send a support inquiry via email by tapping “Support” in the top right corner of the box
  • Slide pages to the left for additional feature instructions

Annotate Publications and Videos

My Notes

  • My Notes tutorial
  • Display any note from the current page or all the notes in a publication
  • Quick-find search field
  • Sort notes by the date/time the note was taken
  • Filter the results by the media type attached to the note
  • Display/Edit/Delete any note in the publication
  • Add a note to one or more binders
  • Navigate directly to the publication or video where a note is attached

My Binders

  • My Binders tutorial
  • My binders screen displays all your binders
  • Create new binders or edit/delete existing binders
  • Create binders from the Notes panel, My Notes screen or Search Results screen
  • Anyplace where an object can be added to a binder, a new binder can also be created
  • Add any search results item to a binder
  • Add any annotation to a binder from the Note panel or from the My Notes screen
  • Navigate from the notes within your binders directly to the publication or video where the note is attached



  • Start a new discussion or engage with ongoing discussions from any screen by tapping the Discussion icon (radar beams at the top, middle of any screen)
  • Discussions open in the RADAR library or connected to a specific publication, article, highlighted text, or video segment
  • Navigate directly from a discussion to the content that is the source of the discussion
  • Add discussion threads to your binders
  • Close Discussion screen by tapping the Discussion icon at the middle, bottom of the screen

My Library & Web Version

  • Create a personal library filled with your own PDF documents
  • Create, customize, and organize your own personal folders and subfolders for your personal content
  • Upload PDFs using the Web Version at www.radarresource.org
  • Uploaded PDFs display on the My Library screen on the iPad and Web Versions of RADAR Resource
  • Add notes, highlight, and add personal content to your binders as you would any other publication on RADAR
  • Access all RADAR Resource library content on the web
  • With cloud syncing, all of your notes and binders will instantly update between iPad and Web Version

Industry Resource Center

  • Search and browse all the latest Industry offerings in products, promotions, technology, and the latest “how to” videos
  • Personalize Industry content with notes and highlighting and organize into your binders
  • Industry content refreshed on a regular basis

Cloud Technology

  • All publication download history, binders, and notes are automatically backed up to the cloud
  • Log in through any iPad, making available all downloaded publications with associated notes and binders