FAQ - Technical Issues

Do I have to login every time I enter the RADAR library?
No, it is a one-time login process unless you log yourself out for any reason, RADAR Resource will become your default library after your initial login.

Why are my ASAPS username and password not working?
A few things to double check:

  • The username and password are case sensitive, make sure you have any letters capitalized or in lower case as they should appear
  • Make sure that your iPad does not autocorrect your username to make it incorrect as you are entering it.

If you continue to experience difficulty logging into the RADAR library, contact Courtney Muehlebach at The Aesthetic Society, courtney@surgery.org or (800) 364-2147.

Can I use the AnzuMedical app on my iPad 1?
You will not be able to download and use the app on your iPad 1 as the app requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Why is no content showing when I tap on a subcategory of a bookshelf in the RADAR library? (e.g. “Body” category in the “Annual Meeting” bookshelf)
Content for that subcategory needs to be purchased from the AnzuMedical eCommerce website, https://anzumedical.com/store. Once purchased, it will show up in your RADAR library.

Why is a video not playing after I tap the play icon?
One possible reason is the speed of your wifi connection, depending on this, it could take some time for the video to load and play. If after tapping the play icon, the screen does not redirect to the video screen within a few seconds and start loading the video, please contact Courtney Muehlebach at The Aesthetic Society as there might be a problem with the particular video, courtney@surgery.org or (800) 364-2147.

The video I am watching has no sound?
First, be sure that the sound has not been turned off on your iPad.  Right above the volume controls on the right side of your iPad there is a switch that can be moved up and down to mute your iPad.  Be sure that your iPad sound is on.  If the sound is on and properly turned up and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Courtney Muehlebach at The Aesthetic Society, courtney@surgery.org or (800) 364-2147.

When I turn CME Search “On” it does not allow me to earn CME Credits?
You have not paid for a subscription to CME Search. A subscription can be purchased on the app or please visit https://anzumedical.com/store.

How do I change the contact information AnzuMedical has for me?
Tap “Settings” on the bottom tool bar. Next, tap “My Profile” on the left side of the screen then “Edit” in the top right corner. Be sure to tap “Done” when you have completed your changes in order to save them.

How do I turn on/off email and push notifications of new content and discussions?
From the bottom toolbar, tap ‘Settings’ then ‘Notifications’ from the menu options that appear on the left.  From here you will be able to create your personal preferences for receiving notifications and clear all notifications.

Why am I not receiving email and push notifications of new discussions and comments to discussion threads?
In order to receive notification of activity on a discussion thread or by a specific RADAR user, you need to “Follow” the thread or the user.

  • To follow a thread, tap the Follow icon with the heart on the specific thread
  • To follow a specific RADAR user, hold your finger down on their photo for a few seconds then tap the Follow icon with the heart on the pop up box that appears