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ASAPS Active Membership is restricted to physicians certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or certified in plastic surgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, who also meet other specific qualifications for continuing medical education and experience in aesthetic surgery. International Active Members must meet high standards applicable within their respective countries.

Gluteal Fat Grafting Safety Advisory

»  July 2018 – Updated Warning to Surgeons Performing Fat Grafting to the Buttocks
»  Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force issues safety advisory urging practitioners to reevaluate technique

Breast Implant-Associated ALCL

ASAPS is committed to patient safety, advancing the quality of care, and practicing medicine based upon the best available scientific evidence on breast implants. We have issued joint statements with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) regarding Breast Implant-Associated ALCL (BIA-ALCL).

»  BIA-ALCL Advisory Update [as of July 2018]
»  BIA-ALCL Frequently Asked Questions [as of January 2018]
»  What’s Your Micromort? A Patient-Oriented Analysis of BIA-ALCL
»  VIDEO: What’s Your Micromort? A Patient-Oriented Analysis of BIA-ALCL
»  BIA-ALCL By the numbers, and what they mean
»  Member FAQs: Latest Information on ALCL
»  Office Staff FAQs
»  March 2017 Statement
»  January 2017 Statement
»  July 2016 Statement

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