The Aesthetic Society Webinar Series – COVID -19

Aesthetic Society COVID-19 Webinars

Disclaimer: Each webinar presents information that was appropriate on that day. Given the quick evolution of the pandemic, there may be suggestions/comments that are no longer valid when viewed at a later date.

#9: COVID-19 WEBINAR: Educating and Empowering Your Staff for a Successful Return to Practice – May 07, 2020

Moderator: Jamil Ahmad, MD


  • William P. Adams, Jr., MD
  • Christine A. Hamori, MD
  • Herluf G. Lund, MD
  • Luis M. Rios Jr., MD
  • Sandy Roos, Practice Management Consultant

#8: Getting Back to Practice – April 30, 2020

Moderator: William P. Adams Jr. MD
Panelists: Jamil Ahmad, MD, FRCSC, Robert Aicher, Esq, Brannon Claytor, MD, James Fernau, MD, Luis Rios Jr., MD


  • Update from The Aesthetic Society COVID-19 Task Force
  • COVID-19 Legal and Financial Update
  • Panel Questions and Answers

#7: Leading Your Business from Crisis to Recovery – April 16, 2020

Moderator: Jamil Ahmad MD, FRCSC
Panelists: William P. Adams Jr., MD, Joseph C. Gathe Jr. MD, FACP, Jeff Nugent, Sientra CEO, Luis Rios Jr., MD


  • Leadership in Crisis for Recovery
  • Defining the Aesthetic Experience in the "New Normal"

#6: Updates & Projections – April 9, 2020

Moderator: William P. Adams, Jr., MD
Panelists:Robert Aicher, JD, Renee Coover, JD, Thomas Wiener, MD, Sandy Roos, Brad Calobrace, MD, Ronald Khadaran, Jamil Ahmad, MD, FRSC


  • Business Management Update: CARE and Family First Acts
  • Update on U.S. COVID-19 Data: Projections for Recovery
  • First Considerations for Return to Practice
  • Aesthetic Society Education/CME Update
  • The Difference Between Virtual Consults & Telehealth
  • Attendee Q & A

#5: Managing Your Practice In Downtime – April 2, 2020

Moderator: Robert Singer, MD
Presenters: Amy Anderson, Practice Management Consultant; Mark Jewell, MD; Jennifer Wiggins, CEO, Aegis Malpractice Solutions; Karen Zupko, Practice Management Consultant

#4: What Am I Supposed to Do Now?, Episode 3 – March 30, 2020
Update on Federal Aid Bill, Virtual Consultation, and Volunteerism

Moderator: Jamil Ahmad, MD
Panelists: Mark Epstein, MD; Melinda Haws, MD; Sandy Roos; and Charles Thorne, MD

#3: What Am I Supposed to Do Now?, Episode 2 – March 26, 2020
Federal Relief Update and Employment Law

Moderator: William P. Adams, Jr ., MD
Panelists: Renee Coover, JD, Byrd Adatto Law (panelist on Webinar #2) Sandy Roos, Practice Management Consultant

#2 What Am I Supposed to Do Now? – March 23, 2020

Lead by practice management course instructors Dr. Robert Singer, Dr. Mark Jewell, Dr. Michael Edwards, Mary Lind Jewell, Ryan Miller, and Labor Law Attorney Renee Coover.
Topics covered – Please scroll below to view the topic of most interest or watch the segments in order for the full webinar:

·      Patient/Practice Management: Mary Jewell, Mike Edwards, MD
·      Communications/Marketing: Ryan Miller
·      Personnel Issues: Renee Coover
·      Elective Procedures - Current State: Robert Singer, MD
·      Finance & COVID-19: Mark Jewell, MD
·      Faculty Q&A

Patient/Practice Management: Mary Jewell, Mike Edwards, MD

Communications/Marketing: Ryan Miller

Personnel Issues: Renee Coover

Elective Procedures - Current State: Robert Singer, MD

Finance & COVID-19: Mark Jewell, MD

Faculty Q&A

#1 Coping with City-Wide COVID-19 Lock-Down – You Could Be Next – March 19, 2020

Moderator: William P. Adams, Jr, MD; Presenters: Paco Canales, MD, Trent Douglas, MD Heather Furnas, MD, David Sieber, MD

The San Francisco Bay Area was locked down with a shelter-in-place legal order regarding COVID-19. For plastic surgery practices, this was not a common issue and there have been many more questions than answers. Four San Francisco, CA area Aesthetic Society plastic surgeons held this webinar to share their insights and recommendations as similar fates could occur across the USA.

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