The Aesthetic Society Statement: Recommendations for Reopening Office and Resuming Elective Procedures

Published: May 5, 2020

As we anticipate moving from Phase 1 (Slow the Spread) to Phase 2 (Reopening State by State), the members have asked the Society to make recommendations to help them navigate this uncharted territory. Plastic surgeons are reminded that these are recommendations and guidance for the best and safe practices based on our current knowledge of the pandemic, and not meant to be abiding policies set forth by The Society. Our recommendations may be adjusted and modified as the knowledge evolves and the conditions of the COVID-19 landscape changes. These recommendations are not mandatory, they do not establish a new standard of care, and they are not a substitute for your judgement as a physician and a surgeon. All surgeons must comply with regulations provided by their hospital, their local, regional, and state regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies, as well as the federal government, all of which will supersede these Recommendations. These recommendations are based on the Mission Statement of The Aesthetic Society: “... to advance the science, art, and safe practice of aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine through education, research, and innovation while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.”

The goal of the guidance provided in this document is to: 1) mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 to patients, staff, and physicians; 2) mitigate the risk of patient harm by performing a procedure on an individual who is actively infected, even if asymptomatic.

Guiding Principles:

  • Consider local prevalence, isolation vs exposure, and testing to ensure that the risk of a patient being COVID-19-positive is low.
  • Use universal precautions to protect ourselves and our staff, preoperatively to minimize the risk of a patient being positive.
  • Understand and follow the changes in our local community. Each community has a different prevalence for the disease and therefore different level of stress on their health care system. Should there be a resurgence of the disease, we may have to return to Phase 1.
  • Always put the safety of our patients, staff, and ourselves above all considerations.
  • Remain flexible, ready to change processes to optimize efficiency and efficacy, and to use best
    current practices.

The Aesthetic Society COVD-19 Task Force:

  • J. Fernau, MD (Chair)
  • B. Claytor MD
  • J. Fernau MD
  • T. Fiala MD, MBA
  • H. Furnas MD
  • C. Hamori MD
  • H. Lund MD
  • K. Movassaghi MD
  • L. Rios Jr., MD
  • L. Rosenfield MD
  • R. Singer MD
  • C. Tattini, MD
  • S. Teitelbaum MD
  • C. Thorne MD
  • S. Wilson MD

The Aesthetic Society values our members’ feedback and comments. If you have questions or concerns about these recommendations please fill out this form:

Your feedback will be distributed to the COVID-19 Safety Task Force for consideration.

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