Organizing Your Staff

Follow CDC updates and check with your state and local public health departments on regulations concerning group gatherings, and apply them to your practice. Have no more staff per room than necessary, and consider the following guidance:

  1. Social Distancing: Educate staff about social distancing, including break rooms, lunch areas, and lockers. In tight spaces, remote meetings may be considered.
  2. Work Clothing: Consider all staff wear clean scrubs. Follow state and local regulations on wearing of scrubs outside the office. Consider encouraging staff to not wear scrubs home but to change prior to leaving the office.
  3. PPE Protocols: WHERE AVAILABLE, wear appropriate PPE, including during office staff meetings. Schedule proper education on the application and wearing of N95 masks with “Fit Test.” Train all staff, surgical and non-surgical to correctly don and doff PPE.
  4. Hand Washing: Encourage frequent washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer as a second alternative.
  5. Surface Sanitizing: Establish regular sanitizing of all hard surfaces and fomites with disinfectant wipes.
  6. Daily Temperatures: Take staff temperatures at the start of the day and record in a COVID-19 log. Test staff for COVID-19 when their temperature trends upward or is above 100.0°F, the CDC minimal temperature for flu. Refer to an infectious disease consultant as necessary. Consider taking staff temperatures at the end of the day. And when necessary they should:
    • a. Report to their supervisor, urgently, any classic COVID-19 symptoms (see COVID-19 Screening) and/or contact with possible COVID-19 patients.
    • b. Visit their primary care physician, if exhibiting flu-like signs or symptoms, and get tested for COVID-19.
    • c. Notify their supervisor if symptoms develop during the work day, and follow the protocol in step 7. COVID-19-positive staff would not be considered at high risk of exposing or infecting co-workers/patients if wearing PPE and socially distancing.
    • d. Return to work following the CDC’s Return to Work Criteria, after testing negative and symptoms have resolved.
  7. COVID-19 protocols: should be handed out and posted on the first day of work.
  8. Patient Communication: Inform patients of the practice’s reopening through social media, the practice website, e-blast, and other marketing channels.
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