Virtual Consultations

Employ telemedicine and/or virtual consults. The decision of which visits should be transitioned to virtual consults or remain as in-person consults should be made by the treating surgeon(s). Consider priority scheduling for cases requiring the most urgency during the time the practice was closed.

  1. Virtual Consults:
    • a. Virtual consult platforms should be HIPAA approved including Zoom, GotoMeeting, and others. Web browsers should be encrypted such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
    • b. Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications can be used to reduce in-person contact. Contact your vendor to determine if there are applications you can use to reduce in-person contact. Examples include patient portals, online bill pay, electronic orders for staff, electronic prescriptions, and electronic lab orders. Consider touchless credit-card systems.
  2. Online Scheduling: Online scheduling can be an important adjunct to your current practice, patients can schedule appointments in a more timely fashion; therefore, staff will be less burdened with phone calls from pent-up demand.
  3. Safe Environment: Notify patients of safety protocols emphasizing the concept of a “SAFE HAVEN.” Print and post signs to designate recently sanitized areas. Make sure to follow your state regulations on requirements to be posted in the office.
  4. Cancellation Policy: Make this flexible as patients may fear visiting practices during this time.
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