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» Application for Active Membership

Before completing the application, please review all requirements to ensure you are eligible to apply. Any ineligible or incomplete applications will be returned.

The application must be completed via fillable PDF (handwritten applications will not be accepted). The application, sponsor forms and any other material relevant to your application must be submitted via email to the Membership Manager. Applications not completed by the deadline, including sponsorship forms, will be held until the next deadline. Failure to comply with the above requirements may be cause for a delay of evaluation of your application.

» Sponsor Form

Please send the forms directly to your sponsors. Both sponsors must be an ASAPS Active or Life Member, one of which must be within 100 miles of your practice. The sponsor forms must be sent to them by you, via email, with the instructions to return them directly to the Central Office via email. Sponsors may not be family members, partners or associates in the same practice.

Application deadlines are January 5 and July 1.

If you have any questions while completing the application, please contact Membership Manager, Marissa Simpson at marissa@surgery.org.

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