Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the membership process? To begin the membership process, please complete the Active Member Checklist at Once verified, the full application will be provided.

What will fulfill the meeting attendance requirement? The following meetings are exclusively organized by The Aesthetic Society, and are accepted:

  •         The Aesthetic Meeting (ASAPS Annual Meeting)
  •         ASAPS Las Vegas Aesthetic Symposium
  •         The Aesthetic Cruise
  •         ASAPS Breast and Body Symposium

Who may sponsor me for membership?  Any member of the Aesthetic Society, who is not a family member, an associate and/or partner in the same practice, may sponsor you for membership.

How do I know if someone is a member of the Aesthetic Society?   You may call the Central Office at (562) 799-2356 to verify who is an Active Member of the Aesthetic Society. Also, you may refer to the geographical roster located on our website at, under “Find a Surgeon”, which contains a complete list of all Active Members.

How many sponsors will I need to have ultimately?  You will need at least two (2) sponsors. U.S. and Canadian applicants must have one sponsor that is in your geographical location while the other can be any ASAPS Active/Life Member that knows you well. Each sponsor will need to complete the sponsorship form on your behalf (the forms will be included with the application). International applicants must have one ASAPS Active/International Active or Life Member sponsor, and the other must be a member of your national society in IPRAS or from an ISAPS member in their country.

What exactly is my geographical area? Your geographical area is considered to be within approximately 100 miles of your practice. Special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

Do I only have to document 75 cases?  No, you must document all of your aesthetic surgical cases within a recent 18 month period.

What exactly is considered a major aesthetic surgical case that should be documented? Major aesthetic surgical cases include procedures such as facelift, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction, lift and gynecomastia. Also included are blepharoplasty (upper/lower count as 2 procedures), body lift procedures (brachioplasty, lower body lift, medial thigh lift, etc.), rhinoplasty, otoplasty and forehead procedures.

What type of cases should not be documented? Those not considered include Botulinum toxin injections, collagen injections, laser resurfacing or dermabrasion, for example.

I have to submit copies of my advertising along with my application, what are the guidelines used for evaluation?  Self-promotion without factual backup is prohibited.  Examples of phrases to avoid include:

  • Extraordinary results
  • Leader in field
  • Well known for exceptional results
  • The very best
  • Artistic ability
  • Creating masterpieces
  • Gifted surgeon
  • Choose the best

In addition, avoid gender-based statements and keep in mind that you have ultimate control over what appears on your website.  Make sure that no statements are included that you fear may go against the Code of Ethics.

What type of CME do you accept? To receive an application, you must show proof of 60 Category 1 CME in aesthetic plastic surgery within the last 36 months. We cannot accept: In Service Exams, Boards, Grand Rounds, reconstructive/non-aesthetic or category 2 CME. For Example: If you received 30 category 1 credits at a plastic surgery meeting, the Membership Manager will review the Program to determine how many hours can be considered aesthetic and how many are reconstructive, you will be given credit only for the aesthetic portion you attended.   

What are the fees and when should they be paid? There is a $250.00 Application Fee that must be paid along with your completed application. Once voted in, you will be required to pay your annual membership dues:

  • Membership dues for Active Members are $1198.00
  • Membership dues for International Active Members are $470.00

What are the steps involved in evaluating my application?

  • Once the application is received in the Central Office, your materials will be assembled.
  • If the application is missing anything the Membership Manager will notify you and your staff.
  • After all applications have been assembled, a list of the applicants will then be compiled and submitted to the membership for review.
  • All Members will have 30 days to review the list and provide their recommendations.
  • Your application will then be sent to your Regional Representative and the Application Review Committee Chair for further review.
  • The Regional Representative will evaluate the application – any issues will be discussed with the Committee and the Membership Manager will contact you for further information, if required.
  • The Application Review Committee will discuss all the applicants via conference call with recommendations being made to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors will then make their recommendations and the final list of applicants will be comprised.
  • These names will then be placed on the Ballot for electronic voting by the membership.

When will my application be voted on?

  • Applications submitted by January 5 will be voted on just prior to The Aesthetic Meeting.
  • Applications submitted by July 1 will be voted on electronically in December.

How will I be notified if my application has been accepted? You will be notified by the Membership Manager within a few weeks after the membership has voted.

ASAPS central office contact:

Marissa Simpson – Membership Manager
Phone: 800/364-2147 ext. 120

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