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Once you have had a breast lift, will it stay or would you have to get it done...


Once you have had a breast lift, will it stay or would you have to get it done again in so many years? Also, what is the cost of this procedure?


The cost of a breast lift will vary.  Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, an accredited facility, and an experienced surgeon is more important.

As for the breast lift, the short answer is YES, you will need to have another lift; how soon will depend on your size, skin quality, weight loss and gain, and pregnancy.  Remember, you will continue to age even after cosmetic surgery.


Breast lift surgery, called mastopexy, is done in several ways.  The result will often not last in those who do not use support after the surgery.   It will also depend on the size that one wants to have after the surgery.  Large breasts will sag more than smaller ones generally.  A secondary mastopexy is not a rarity. 


Usually the position of the nipples doesn't change but the breasts could bottom out in a few years.  It also depends on how much breast tissue there is. The heavier the breasts the more there is a risk of recurrence.  The type of breast lift may also have an effect on the recurrence rate.  I usually try to create a tighter breast initially to compensate for that later laxity.  The cost can be variable depending on the area of the country where the surgery is performed, the experience of the surgeon, and the size of the patient.


Since the breast lift heals via a scar, it is more stable than the existing breast tissue and skin fascia and the longevity is maintained.  The only negative aspect can occur with massive weight loss.



James A. Yates, M.D., FACS - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Camp Hill, PA


Unfortunately, gravity is constant, so although your lift will make your breasts look ten years younger, they will continue to age from there.  Eventually, you might require a revision lift after 15 years or so.  Costs vary based on your location, the surgeon, and the type of lift that you undergo.  Phone calls to board certified plastic surgeons in your area can give you an idea of cost ranges.




All lifts, tucks, suctions, etc are subject to change. The body stretches and changes with child birth, weight gain, weight loss, and aging so no breast lift can ever be permanent. The good news is that the breaded lift will help to set the clock back as long as your weight stays the same. Yes, many people will end up having breast lifts redone as time passes because the weight usually changes.  Fees vary from $5,500 to $8,500. Add in $2500 if implants are added.


It depends on the elasticity of your skin, the size of your breasts, and whether or not you wear a good support bra after the surgery. Also weight loss and age will affect  longevity of the breast lift.  The cost of the breast lift depends on the extent of the lift. In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, it can range from $3,200.00 to $6,780.00.

A. Hossein Nezami, M.D., J.D. - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Jacksonville, FL


Any body contouring operation will address the laxity and contour problem at the time of the surgery.  The excess skin will be removed but the aging process of the skin which remains continues.  Provided there are no major fluctuations in weight or intervening pregnancies there should be no need for a second lift.


There is no one correct answer to your question.  It is possible that following a breast lift, or mastopexy, one may not require another procedure, especially if a fair amount of reduction was performed.  However, many factors are involved, including: elasticity, size and weight of one's breasts, weight gain/loss, presence of stretch marks, pregnancy, nursing, presence of implants, etc.  The costs will vary throughout the country and even within a given community.


Realize that as you continue to age, your breasts will undergo changes as they normally would, lift or not.  The lift just interrupts the process and sets you back on the time line, but the process continues to go on normally.  A breast lift may or may not have to be repeated depending on several factors. These include your age at the time of the procedure, whether or not you gain or lose weight afterwards, have additional children, the particular genetic tendencies of your skin and the normal volume loss that will occur in your breasts due to hormone changes over time.  In general, if you stay in good shape, maintain your weight, your lift should last a significant amount of time.  What you may find is that your breasts re-sag, not necessarily from sagging or loose skin, but from the loss of breast volume.  This may or may not require an additional procedure such as insertion of breast implants depending on the degree of the problem and how you feel about it. 

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Winter Park, FL


Breast Lift Surgery can restore the breasts to a more youthful position.  However, it does not stop the forces that made the breast sag over time. A breast that was sagging from the start (not one stretched out by age and gravity) has the best chance to maintain its new lifted position.  Minimizing the stress on the tissue like wearing a bra is one way to help maintain this position.  I have always speculated that a microgravity environment would also help, but have no idea if our long term space station astronauts are even measured for what the time in space does to the breast position.  However, I doubt they stay up there long enough to see any measurable difference.

Beyond that, there is the original problem and what was done.  Different Breast Lift Techniques seem to do much better than others for maintaining the result.  The older skin suspension techniques failed miserably. The Internal Breast Tissue Pillar Suspension, where the breast tissue itself is tightened fares better.

Cost of Breast Lift Surgery depends on the problem to be treated and varies around the world.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, M.D. Board Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery

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