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What are the pros/cons of breast reduction Liposuction vs. Surgery?


What are the pros/cons of breast reduction Liposuction vs. Surgery?


Because each patient is unique, this is a discussion you need to have with your surgeon as you address your concerns and expectations.

In my patients, I find that the decision essetially comes down to scars.  In my series of patients, both treatments have equal expectations for relief of the symptoms associated with large breasts.  Liposuction can remove significant amounts of breast tissue. Personally, I have removed up to 4 pounds of tissue per breast using ultrasonic assisted liposuction with only a single small incision beneath the breast.  Though liposuction will likely result in more "droopy" breasts, I have seen a suprising degree of lift of the nipple with liposuction only.  Worse case, if you do not like the post-op look of your breasts, breast lift can always be done later.  To date, I have only had one patient consider a lift, but changed her mind due to the scars.

In my experience, most women choosing liposuction breast reduction do not want the scars of traditional breast reduction surgery.  Some have lived with the pain of large breasts for years because they did not want the scars.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take ALL the time you need to be comfortable with your decision.


Liposuction of the breast can down-size the breast only modestly.  It works best on fatty breasts in older patients and less well on dense breasts found more commonly in younger patients.  It does not reduce loose skin or correct sagging.  The incisions are very small and hidden easily.  

Breast reduction surgery can reduce breast size to any degree desired.  It re-shapes the breast and tightens the skin.  The scars are longer and at a minimum circle the areolae and extend from the bottom of the areola to the crease underneath the breast.

Both procedures cause moderate soreness for two to three weeks.  Swelling persists for three to four months. Normal activities may be resumed with either procedure in about three weeks. 



Liposuction will remove fat from the breast and therefore will reduce the volume of the breast.  Realize that the fat weighs less than breast tissue.  By removing fat, the weight of the breast does not decrease as much compared to excising the excess breast tissue and fat.  Liposuction does not reposition the nipple areolar complex or remove extra skin.   The decision as to the best modality to use may partly depend on the size of the breast reduction sought.  The best advice can be obtained from a Plastic Surgeon, certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Please see Find A Surgeon on the ASAPS home page.

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