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Is there such a procedure as removing fatty tissue from the abdomen area and placing...


Is there such a procedure as removing fatty tissue from the abdomen area and placing it into the buttocks?


The procedure of lipoinjection to the buttock using abdominal fat has been popularly called the "Brazilian Butt Lift."  It is not a true lift, but contouring of the buttock with fat grafts (taken from nearly anywhere on the body) and selective liposuction of the lower back, hips and thighs. To see some examples view the video:


Yes, liposuction can be used to remove fat from your abdomen.  The removed fat can be processed and re-injected into your buttocks.  As with all procedures, there are risks associated with EVERY surgery.  Your ASAPS surgeon can help you decide if the benefits of treatment are worth the risks.


Yes, there is such a procedure and it is called fat injections or fat grafting.  Fat is harvested by liposuction and the concentrated fat is then injected into the buttocks to improve their contour.


Absolutely.  Liposuction is performed on the abdomen and other areas of excess fat and this can be transferred to the buttock to restore or create a beautiful buttock.  The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and the results are excellent.  Not only do you enhance the appearance of the buttock, but you also remove unwanted fat from areas which concern you.  I hope this is helpful.


Fat transfer from the abdomen to the buttock is becoming an increasingly common procedure.  New techniques for processing and re-injecting the fat are making more consistent outcomes. The fat can be "harvested" from any area that would ordinarily respond to liposuction, but the abdomen is often a good donor site because the body type with excess around the middle often has inadequate fat volume in the buttock.

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There are many different techniques for performing liposuction.  The removal of the fatty tissues from the abdomen can be done with a tumescent technique.  The fat is then transferred into syringes and injected into another area of the body.  The fatty tissues can be placed into the buttocks for augmentation.  After the procedure, some swelling and discomfort will be present.  You will have to avoid sitting on your buttocks for some time to allow for healing.  The fatty tissue then aquires a blood supply and can become permanent.  Sometimes the fatty tissues will need to be re-transferred to get the desired results - you can get a contoured abdomen and an enhanced back side. 

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You may be talking about liposuction and using that fat to inject into the buttock.

The other procedure is described by Dr. D. Amaral, where the skin and fat taken from a tummy tuck is used as a Dermis Fat Graft to the buttocks to enhance the buttocks.

We have used it in twelve cases with great results.

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