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I am a healthy, 17 year old female who exercises almost daily but cannot shed the...


I am a healthy, 17 year old female who exercises almost daily but cannot shed the "pear shape." I don't care about being perfect but I would like to be able to buy jeans off the rack not having to alter them, as well as not feel self-conscious all the time. I probably exercise too much, as I’m always working to reduce the size of my upper thighs. Are there plastic surgeons who would consider doing liposuction on a patient like me, so long as I have realistic expectations and parent approval?


I know your problem. A frequent new patient complaint is similar to yours. Unfortunately, many girls your age who have the shape that you aspire to, don't exercise or limit their diet. Their genetics are different. We inherit a tendency to accumulate fat cells in the wrong areas. You acquire most of your fat cells by the age of fifteen. There are two basic types of fat cells. One you control the size with diet and exercise: the other is controlled by an inherited mechanism so that you can store fat for a famine or drought. You can starve yourself to shrink these cells. The minute you start eating normally, these cells fill up quickly. Suction lipectomy works because it removes fat cells. I am sure you could find a board certified plastic surgeon that could examine you and determine if you are a candidate for liposuction.

Bernard H. Bloom, M.D.
Dallas, TX

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