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Mixto c02 fractionated laser treatment


I am considering this treatment. Along with antibiotic, antiviral and topical numbing would you recommend additional pain meds prior to treatment. And how long should I pre treat my skin with Retin-A and bleaching creams.


Fractional CO2 laser has different levels superficial, medium and deep and a combination of deep and superficial.

So it depends on what level you are being done and your level of tolerance.

In my practice I add pain meds.

I also Prepare the skin 3 weeks prior to surgery with Obaji skin care with Retin A.

After care is as much importance in getting the optimal results.


For all Laser treatments I always pretreat with the Obagi System (Retin-A and bleaching creams ) for a minimum of 6 weeks and, preferably, 12 weeks. I also usually use, beside what you mentioned, an oral sedative and pain med. I also, personally, do not believe topical numbing is adequate for this. Instead, I use regional blocks to anesthetize the whole area to be treated.

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