Journalistic Achievement Awards Focus On Patient Safety

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Announces 2006 Journalistic Achievement Awards

ORLANDO, FL (April 21, 2006) – San Antonio Express-News journalist, Lisa Marie Gomez, is taking home top honors as the winner of the second annual Patient Safety award in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) annual Journalistic Achievement Awards. Ms. Gomez is among six first place winners, selected from nearly 135 entries, in the 2006 competition. Winners will be presented with their awards on April 22nd at The Aesthetic Society’s Annual Meeting in Orlando. ASAPS, founded in 1967, is the leading national organization of board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

“Media coverage of plastic surgery increases every year,” says plastic surgeon Michael McGuire, MD, The Aesthetic Society's Communications Commissioner, “but sometimes the 'glamour' of cosmetic surgery overshadows necessary information. ASAPS appreciates the work of journalists who report responsibly and help to educate the public about realistic expectations, risks and complications, and surgeons’ qualifications.”

“The Society has a long history of dedication to patient safety. One new exciting program we are adding to our patient-safety agenda is our Campaign for Patient Safety, which will include periodic focused patient safety initiatives including the release of new data and studies important to cosmetic plastic surgery patient safety,” says Aesthetic Society President, Mark Jewell, MD. “We hope that next year’s patient safety winner will stem from this new exciting campaign.”

Awards for exceptional reporting on cosmetic plastic surgery include Television News, Television Feature, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet and Patient Safety.

Lisa Marie Gomez of The San Antonio Express-News is recognized for her article, Ugly Road to Beauty, which stresses the dangers of traveling outside of the United States in an effort to receive reduced rates on multiple risky, invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

Jane Glenn Haas, of the Orange County Register, is the winner in the Newspaper category for her article, Face Forward. Her article explores men’s motivations for aesthetic plastic surgery, and the rise in procedures in the past eight years.

First place in the Magazine category is awarded to Cathy Cassinos-Carr for her article in Sacramento Magazine, Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?. The article gives a consumer considering plastic surgery for the first time a thorough crash course on what to research, what questions to ask, how to find the right doctor, and more.

Elizabeth Wooley, of WICS-TV 20 in Springfield, IL, takes top honors in the Television News category for her plastic surgery series. The stories dissect the benefits, dangers, and results of an array of popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The winner in the Television Feature category is Audrey Baker for her ABC 20/20 segment examining the growing trend of ‘Plastic Surgery Vacation,”—people leaving the country to enjoy a spa weekend and to receive low priced, albeit potentially dangerous, cosmetic surgery in exotic locales.

First place in the Internet category goes to Karen Springen of for her article Dying to be Tan. Aesthetic Society President Mark Jewell is featured in this piece that analyzes the dangers of going too far to achieve a bronzed look, and the high cost of having your skin repaired cosmetically after a youth spent lounging in the sun.

A panel of plastic surgeons and communications professionals evaluated each entry for accuracy of information, balanced reporting, educational value, interest, originality, and journalistic style. In addition to a $500 cash prize and framed certificate, winners receive airfare and accommodations for the ASAPS 2006 Annual Meeting and are honored at a Journalistic Achievement Awards Dinner. Runners-up and Finalists receive personalized certificates.

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