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The summer is over, a new academic year is in full swing, and our September issue is packed full with everything to get you started this month. I have picked articles which are informative, controversial, and of practical value.

In the Rhinoplasty Section I have chosen the international contribution from Turkey: The Lateral Crural Rein Flap: A Novel Technique for Management of Tip Rotation in Primary Rhinoplasty by İsmail Kuran, MD; Ali Rıza Öreroğlu, MD; and Kamran Efendioğlu, MD, who describe their new technique to manage tip rotation. Be sure to watch the video: Please read the abstract here:

In the Breast Section the CME paper entitled: Secondary Augmentation-Mastopexy: Indications, Preferred Practices, and the Treatment of Complications by Michelle A. Spring, MD, FACS; Luis H. Macias, MD; Meghan Nadeau, MD; and W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS is an up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical review of one the more challenging  procedures in breast surgery. Take the CME test after reading the article to accumulate credits. This is the Article Highlight for September, so be sure to watch the author’s video here: Please read the abstract here:

Also in the Breast Section I draw your attention to the paper discussing the commonly seen but poorly understood appearance of striae following breast augmentation. Breast Striae After Cosmetic Augmentation, by Tsung-Lin Roger Tsai, MD; Alexander Chase Castillo, BS; and Clayton L. Moliver, MD, FACS. The authors contribute some new information on etiology with practical suggestions to minimize the risk of striae. Please read the abstract here:

In the Cosmetic Medicine Section I have picked the Level 2 evidence paper from U.T. Southwestern by Dr. Kenkel and his coworkers: Evaluation of a Microfocused Ultrasound System for Improving Skin Laxity and Tightening in the Lower Face: Georgette Oni, MD; Ron Hoxworth, MD; Sumeet Teotia, MD; Spencer Brown, PhD; and Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD. This large study evaluates the effectiveness of the Ulthera system for rejuvenation of the lower face. At 90 days two-thirds of the patients reported improvement. Please read the abstract here:

The final selection this month is the patient safety article from our Research Section from the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Chicago. Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity by David M. Dickerson, MD; and Jeffrey L. Apfelbaum, MD. They describe how to recognize and treat local anesthesia toxicity. The “Quick Guide to Treating Systemic Toxicity due to Local Anesthesia” from this article should be posted in all rooms where local anesthetics are administered. Please read the abstract here:

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Dr. Foad Nahai
Editor-in-Chief, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
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